Services We provide

Divorce Mediation

If you are looking to navigate your divorce from the start without attorneys or if you have attorneys need a Mediator to help in the final stages please contact us.

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Family Mediation

Having a skilled, professional third party helping to assist as you work through your issues or disputes. 

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Post Divorce Coaching

Take back control of your life and health after your divorce.  Fitness and wellness coaching for people needing a plan and someone to be accountable to.

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Divorce Consulting & Coaching

Educate yourself with a scheduled phone call to learn about the Divorce Process and what to expect in Colorado.

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Areas we serve

Elevation Mediation has agreements for meeting rooms with locations in Evergreen, Denver West, Frisco and Winter Park.  We will schedule your mediation in one of these locations that are convenient to you. 

If you are located in another part of Colorado, please still reach out, and we can explore meeting options that are convenient to you.

Video Conference for Mediation is an option  if both parties agree.