The Divorce ‘Consultation’ arm of the business was created when we realized there was a huge need for people who just wanted to learn and wrap their arms around what a divorce may mean for them.

There are 100’s of resources out there, from Google to your local courthouse, if you want to take the time to educate yourself. If you don’t have the time, or inclination to do your own research, Divorce Consulting may be for you.

Divorce Consulting is an affordable and quick way to get a sense of where you are and what you will need to think about moving forward.

There are no contracts or minimum commitments, you can schedule one 45 minute phone call and be done or decide to work with Natalie through your whole process.



Is this the same as Divorce Coaching?

That depends on you!

Natalie’s other passion is coaching (learn more at High Road Coaching).  Please reach out if you could could benefit from useful, practical and realistic strategies to help you through your divorce.  Not everyone has time to meditate or do Yoga or read self help books, but a few small changes or suggestions could make a world of difference to you.

Divorce Coaching is NOT a substitute for therapy, but having someone else to talk to, who can can also hold you accountable is invaluable. Keeping sight of the big picture, the end goal, or simply your everyday health and wellbeing is very often overlooked when you are overwhelmed emotionally as you navigate your divorce.  

If you have any questions about Divorce Consulting/Coaching feel free to reach out to me via email. The free 20 minute consult is not available to Divorce C/C clients.

How does it work?

Since Divorce Consultation is done strictly by phone appointments, we take clients from all over Colorado and during non traditional work hours. Each appointment is 45 minutes.  You may schedule as many phone calls as you like, but we suggest starting with just one.  You may gain all your need in 45 minutes, or alternatively having an impartial, knowledgeable person to talk your through your entire process may be important for you.  

Don’t be afraid to take the time to educate and empower yourself.  The more you know and understand, the more in control you will feel in your own personal situation.

Please note: This service is not a substitute for legal advice.  Elevation Mediation will not give legal advice.  If you would like to be referred to a local attorney, please reach out.

Schedule your 45 minute appointment

Divorce Consultation & Coaching Fees

$40 per 45 minute phone call

Divorce Consultation & Coaching Packages

Pre-Pay for 4 coaching sessions ($160) and get your 5th for free