Natalie has been mediating naturally her whole life but officially started in 2015.  After a successful career in sales and marketing she was ready for a new challenge. Mediation aligned perfectly with her personality and strengths.

Natalie is naturally solutionsoriented and feels strongly that a large majority of all disputes can be solved through mediation.  Her empathetic yet pragmatic personality is a unique combination, allowing for successful resolutions in less time and less money.

Natalie is a certified Mediator in the State of Colorado and she also holds an MBA from Illinois State University.  Her goal is always to help minimize the financial and emotional cost of conflict as well as helping her clients achieve a satisfactory resolution.


Areas we serve

Elevation Mediation has agreements for meeting rooms with locations in Evergreen, Denver West, Frisco and Winter Park. Your mediation can be scheduled in a location convenient to you.  

If you are located in another part of Colorado, please still reach out, and we can explore meeting options that are convenient to you.

Video Conference for Mediation is an option if both parties agree.